LegalLove - the future of law-tm

a five-star learning program

level one

Legally lock people up, in, or out.
Put a lock on your own life legally.
Lock love in.

level two
Pick all legal locks; find your way around,
learn the legal way past exclusive locks.
Learn love's costs.

level three
Earn a legal victory; the right tools
will give you a legal love for problems.

level four
The ultimate legal lover:
lessons in justice.

level five
Intellectual and personal property rights:
when the law offers no protection,
or, when the law you learned
amounts to a lesson in fraud,
how you may lose even when you're right.
LayLegalSoft offers a solution.

Law and the Layman:
Five levels of expertise
from Law for the Lazy-tm
to Law Land-tm
in regal legal lab software:
Real life guides and learning forms
with no love lost.

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